The Coolest Suburb in America’s 35 Biggest Metro Areas

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The Coolest Suburb in America’s 35 Biggest Metro Areas

Published on Thrillist | April 29, 2016
By Kevin Alexander

Seattle, WA: Woodinville
Where to eat/drink: The Hollywood Tavern

With all due respect to the OG suburbs Mercer Island and Bellevue, Woodinville is the more interesting (and less outlandishly expensive) option for people just making the move outside of Seattle. And it is more interesting, partially because you’re basically moving not that far out of the city, but right into wine country/the hometown of 2006 Miss Washington Tiffany Doorn. I mean, 90 wineries right there. Ninety! That’s 75 more than 15, which would be a ton of wineries. Don’t like wine? Well, that’s stupid, but it doesn’t matter, because you’ll have a dozen breweries right there too, including Redhook, Sumerian, and Triplehorn. Because you’ll be living there, and need restaurants, there’s a killer lineup of those too, with everything from an amazing coffee and lunch spot (The Commons), to burgers and booze (The Hollywood Tavern), to the famously fancy Herbfarm. We didn’t even check to see if there are schools, but who cares, your kids are going to be famous wine barons anyway. — KA

Thrillist | April 29, 2016