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Taylor Shellfish Dinner

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Celebrate the PNW Seafood Bounty at our Taylor Shellfish Dinner Friday, February 16, 2018 at 7:00 pm Join The Hollywood Tavern and Taylor Shellfish for a throwback to traditional Americana seafood. The evening features five courses of freshly shucked oysters, Pacific Northwest Dungeness crab, a classic Cioppino of mussels, baby clams and cod, and more!…

End Of Summer Bash!

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End Of Summer Bash! Join Us For This Very Special Event Saturday, September 30, 2017 Celebrate the end of another amazing PNW Summer! Adults and kids welcome for a day of fun, music and great food here in Woodinville. Celebration Featuring: Happy Hour available in the bar and patio 3pm-5pm . Games! Corn Hole and…

New General Manager: Chad Wilson

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New General Manager

Meet Chad Wilson

Chad knew he was destined for a career in the restaurant industry since he was five years old standing on a pickle bucket peeling potatoes. Now this Idaho native brings his passion for “from scratch” food and memorable experiences to carry on the traditions that make our Woodinville tavern so wonderful. Learn more about Chad in this Q&A and come by soon to say “hello”!

Get To Know Chad

What is your job title and responsibilities?
General Manager – Oversee all operations and success of The Hollywood Tavern

Where did you work before? Provide highlights of past jobs and/or resume if available.
Buffalo Wild Wings for the last 2 years- General Manager
US Navy Naval Station Everett- Food, Beverage, and Entertainment Manager

What/who inspired you to work in the restaurant industry?
I remember standing on a pickle bucket peeling potatoes when I was 5 years old, so I would say my Mom and Dad were the inspiration.

What drew you to The Hollywood Tavern?
Quality Food, Fun Environment and just the Tavern feel.  Literally everyone I met was someone I wanted to be in business with.

What is one thing you’d like for people to know about The Hollywood Tavern?
Over my time in the industry, I have come to realize that it is about experiences.  We have Amazing people, serving and cooking Amazing from scratch food.  Add in the environment and Whiskey Milk Shakes……you get a Memorable Experience!

Any personal/family info to note?
I am married to the love of my life Jessie and we have 2 children.  Our daughter and son are the reason I do what I do.

Emmett Idaho

Favorite menu item at The Hollywood Tavern:
Our cheesesteak is awesome and our Burger is top notch…sorry I couldn’t just choose one.

Favorite Drink at The Hollywood Tavern:
Whiskey Milkshake

Favorite Food (besides The Hollywood Tavern):
I like most all foods really- but if I had to pick, I would say Rib Eye steak.

Favorite type of burger topping: ​
I am a simple man….I like it plain with cheese and bacon.

Your drink of choice:

Favorite beer: ​
My favorite right now is Elysian Space Dust.  Haha, before I moved to Seattle 7 years ago, it was Bud Light.  Now, I crave IPA’s and craft brews.  

Favorite music taste/artists:
I have an eclectic taste in music.  I really enjoy everything.  Big fan of Singer Songwriter/Old School Rap/Rock/Country.

Favorite book:
Usually only read manager type books so right now it is the “4 Disciplines of Execution” by Stephen Covey.

Favorite sport and team:
Football.  A Chiefs fan at heart, but also a huge Seahawks fan too.

Best fall or holiday memory:
Christmas is my favorite holiday.  Every Christmas with my wife and kids is an amazing memory.  Everyone usually gathers at my house.​

Three people, living or dead, you’d love to share a drink/chat with around the Tavern fire pit:
My wife for sure, but I see that happening soon!
My dad who passed when I was 18.

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to try?
Skydiving (if I could get up the nerve).

If you could travel to any time/any place, where would that be?
Back in time anywhere. I’m kind of fascinated with history.

What is something no one would guess about you?
I was Prom King in High School.

If you were not working in your profession, what would you do?
Police Officer – Almost went that direction after High School, but alas, a restaurant manager I am. 😉

What would you have for your last meal?
Steak and pasta with Carrot Cake for dessert.

What was your first job?
Dishwasher when I was 13….didn’t last long because I wanted to cook and not wash dishes, so at 14 I started line cooking.  Worked for my mother’s restaurant during the summer and my father’s restaurant during the school year.

What/who inspired you to work in the restaurant industry?
My parents for sure.

Other than work, what are you passionate about?
My wife and kids!  

Anything else you’d like for newsletter subscribers to know? Feel free to make up your own question!
Me and my son both have the same birthday.
I have been to every state except for Alaska and have never been out of the country.

Hollywood Tavern Whiskey Dinner

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Hollywood Tavern Whiskey Dinner March 9, 2017 Menu By Chefs Brian Gojdics and Gene Davis Join Us For This Very Special Event Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 6:30pm Enjoy a mix of passed, plated and family style courses as you dine your way through this curated menu designed with Woodinville Whiskey products. The dinner will be…

Woodinville Cheesesteak One Of The Best

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Woodinville Cheesesteak One Of The Best

Published on 425magazine | October 20, 2016

Looking to satisfy a craving for a Philly Cheesesteak but can’t afford to hop a flight to Philadelphia? According to Food Network, you can get one of the best cheesesteak this side of Philly in Woodinville.

The Ribeye Cheesesteak from The Hollywood Tavern was named “one of the best cheesesteaks outside Philly” by the Food Network, part of a 10-restaurant list that includes cheesesteaks from across the country.

Never had one? It’s a sandwich that comes packed with grilled steak and onions and oozes with melted cheese.

At The Hollywood Tavern the sandwich begins with a buttered and toasted hoagie from Grand Central Bakery. Then, the hoagie filled with ribeye steak seasoned with HT3 seasoning (the same secret spice that’s on the tavern’s delicious burgers). It’s all completed with a pile of sauteed and seasoned red bell peppers, white onions, and mushrooms. A cheese sauce is made with cheddar and Jack cheeses.

You can get the all-American sandwich for $15. Visit The Hollywood Tavern at 14508 Woodinville-Redmond Road Northeast.

The Hollywood Tavern is a Woodinville classic. It opened in 1947 and today serves up tavern food and craft drinks in an informal atmosphere. There are even has lawn games when the weather cooperates.

425magazine | Published October 20, 2016

The Coolest Suburb in America’s 35 Biggest Metro Areas

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The Coolest Suburb in America’s 35 Biggest Metro Areas Published on Thrillist | April 29, 2016 By Kevin Alexander Seattle, WA: Woodinville Where to eat/drink: The Hollywood Tavern With all due respect to the OG suburbs Mercer Island and Bellevue, Woodinville is the more interesting (and less outlandishly expensive) option for people just making the…

Ten Great Burgers in Seattle, WA!

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Ten Great Burgers in Seattle, WA! Published on TABÉLog | October 8, 2015 Image: Photo posted on Hollywood Tavern’s Facebook page We love finding our burger bliss. That feeling you get when you find a perfectly prepared burger that really hits the mark. Seattle is full of great burgers, and choosing a favorite can be…

Quitting Time

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Published in 425 Business. By Denise Sakaki | August, 2015 The Place: Hollywood Tavern The Dish: Fried Pickles Hours of Happiness: 3-6pm Tuesday through Friday (closed Monday) For those unfamiliar with the magical entity that is deep-fried pickles, it’s a Southern-rooted snack that has the seasoned crunch of a crispy french fry, with the palate-awakening…

The Must List

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Traditional dads will relish the chef’s burger made with certified Angus prime, grilled pineapple, stone-ground aioli, and all the fixings. Having Woodiniville Whiskey as your neighbor means The Hollywood Tavern’s bar boasts 32 whiskeys and their famous Whiskey Milkshake. Published in Seattle Magazine. By: Seattle Magazine staff | June 16, 2015 Photo Credit: Alexander Crook.…

Five Father’s Day Festivities

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Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21! Make plans to celebrate Dad Published in Seattle Magazine. By Jessica Yadegaran | June 25, 2015 Image: Hollywood Tavern The Hollywood Tavern, Woodiniville Traditional dads will relish the chef’s burger made with certified Angus prime, grilled pineapple, stone-ground aioli, and all the fixings. Having Woodiniville Whiskey as your neighbor…